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You can trade in your Mac, iPad or iPhone.

All Trade-in Products will be assessed against the Core Group system objective grading criteria. The trade-in value is dependant on the device model, manufacturer and condition. 

The confirmed Trade-in value will be applied as credit to be used towards the purchase on any Apple
product listed on the Apple Reseller Program Portal.

The final trade-in value may be different to the estimated trade in value, as this is subject to a final visual-grading assessment and functional testing at our service centre.

The Trade-in process can take up to 3 weeks depending on when the device is collected & Final Trade-in Value is confirmed.

Terms & Conditions

This Policy forms part of the Customer Terms and Conditions, and so words defined in the Terms and Conditions have the same meaning in this Policy, unless the context indicates otherwise. Nothing in this Policy is intended to limit your statutory rights in any way.

Core Group offers you the opportunity to trade in your used products (the "Trade-in Product") in exchange for credit to be used towards the purchase on any Apple product listed on the Apple ResellerProgram Portal ("New Products"). 

Only products listed on the Apple Reseller Program Trade in Page can be traded in (Apple Mac, Apple iPad, Apple iPhone, Windows/PC Laptops,Android Tablets & Android Phones only).

The value of the Trade-in Product may be used as payment towards the purchase of a New Product/New order.

Trade-in Products: 

If you wish to trade-in any of your used products, you will be required to accurately complete the Trade-in form on the Apple Reseller Program Portal Trade-in page.

You will be able to trade-in multiple Apple Products (irrespective of make or model) towards credit on your account in the form of a credit note or digital discount code.

Trade-in products will be collected from your specified collection address by the courier company elected by the Core Group. Once collected, our Trade-in team will assess the condition of the Trade-in Product to determine whether there is any damage or wear and tear on the Trade-inProduct. 

All Trade-in Products must be at least electronically functional to be considered for the trade-in process. 

All Mac laptops / PC Laptops and iMacs require an original Apple charger / PC Charger and or adapter to be considered eligible for trade in. A trade in will not be able to be accepted if these components are missing. 

A trade-in will not be considered if the serial number on the Trade-in Product has been removed, damaged or hidden or if your device itself has been altered, tampered or meddled with in any way. 

All Trade-in Products will be assessed against the Core Group system objective grading criteria and the assessment results pertaining to the condition of the Trade-in Product shall be final. 

After the assessment, the representative will advise you of the value of the Trade-in Product. If you agree to complete the trade- in process, you will be required to send through a confirmation of acceptance via email. Once confirmed, the trade-in will be reversible. Products which are traded-in must be sourced from a SME – no consumer/end user devices are to be traded.

All your data must be backed up and or removed from the product being traded in and Find my iPhone must be deactivated. For Android Phones, Android device manager needs to be disabled. Should you accept the trade in value offered, your device data will be wiped and restored to factory settings. 

International devices may be traded in providing they pass the trade in criteria checks. 

In the event that the Traded-in Product is found to be stolen, or subject to reservation of ownership by finance institution or any other instance where you are not the unencumbered owner of the Trade-in Product, Core Group has the right to demand an immediate refund for the full trade-in value of the Trade-in Product plus interest. You hereby indemnify and hold Core Group harmless against any loss or damages that the Core Group may suffer as a result of Core Group reliance on false information relating to the Trade-in Product including but not limited to the lawful owner of the Trade-in product. 

Please note that we may have to remove a screen guard/screen protector from any device to fully assess the screen. These screen
guards/screen protectors will not be replaced and customers will not be
compensated for the removal of them. 

A Trade-in device may not be currently financed by the respective
SME, or finance house.

The value of a trade-in device cannot be used as a settlement against an overdue balance above 30 days.

The process for online trade-ins is as follows:

  • You'll be required to log onto and complete the Online Trade In Form.
  • Following submission of the form,
    you'll be sent a notification that our courier will be reaching out to collect your product/s. 
  • Following collection, your product/s will be taken to our Trade In Centre for full assessment and diagnostic testing. 
  • Following assessment, you'll be sent an email with a final trade in value for final review. 
  • If you agree to complete the trade-in process, you will be required to send through a confirmation of acceptance via
    email. Once confirmed, the trade-in will be non-reversable. The credit will be applied onto your account.
  • We use remote diagnostics to conduct a basic assessment of the trade in products. In order to do this, find my Device must be switched off and all data is erased from the device before the collection takes place. We rely on our physical description of the device being traded-in as true and correct, however if upon physical inspection of the device, we discover a different position, we reserve the right to change the indicative
    value. If you are not happy with such value, we will return the device back to the address listed for the collection. As mentioned, the basic assessment is limited and more comprehensive testing will be carried out once the device has
    been collected by the courier and received by us to determine whether the Device has incurred any liquid and/or other damage and/or the audio functioning. These
    indicative tests could vary from the final trade in value of your device. 
  • Please ensure that you have backed-up all of the data that is on your device, as all devices will be wiped at our trade-in centres. We do not accept any liability whatsoever for the loss of any