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It’s The Core Group's mission to empower individuals and organisations with the world's leading personal technology products and services. To do so we represent some of the world’s most valued and loved brands in Sub-Saharan Africa.

We are the sole distributor for Apple in Sub-Saharan Africa and have represented the brand in South Africa since 1995.
We are also the distributors for other major brands such as Fitbit, DJI and Nintendo.

In 2021, we also launched the Apple Reseller programme in South Africa, a dedicated portal for qualifying resellers who are not yet Apple authorised to be able to purchase Apple devices for resale.

Our responsibilities are all encompassing and include supply chain management, marketing management, channel management, enterprise sales and media relations. The territory of operations comprises Angola, Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Why work at Core?

Employee Testimonials

Kelly Kau


Started as a casual sales consultant in 2011 and on our Graduate Programme in 2017

Core Group has given me a voice. I have the freedom to think outside the box, make my own decisions, and not feel pressured to conform, as well as having all my thoughts be heard. I am allowed to grow and show off my skills and knowledge. Core Group has allowed me to continuously stretch myself in doing things I’m not always comfortable doing. Working with true professionals who I can learn from and who will push me to take on any challenge given to me.

Ruan Buys

Funded Channel Operations Manager

Started 2010 as an Assistant Store Manager

At Core Group we thrive in the most diverse and complex, yet most rewarding work environment I’ve ever known. Every employee has a stake in the company’s success. Our business culture promotes growth and celebrates collective goals instead of individual glory. Never before have I been this supported by an organisation while venturing far outside my comfort zone with every new initiative. Innovation is a key driver of our success. The Core family is resourceful, energetic and fun to work with - We love what we do and it shows in our passion and our strong relationships with our customers. It’s been 11 years and every day I feel the excitement of coming to work as if it were day 1.

Melissa Pillay

Senior HR Officer

Started in 2009 as a Payroll Administrator 

My career started fresh out of school.  I was determined not to burden my family with higher education but to rather become independent and grow myself at a pace I desired.  By setting goals for my life, I was able to work my way through many different roles in various job sectors in search of that place I could find my fit, settle in and call my home. In 2009, I realised my dream when I joined The Core Group.  It was a spring board that challenged me to grow and helped me explore unknown territories causing me to use my creativity and discover my untapped potential.  My colleagues or should I say, my extended family, creates for me daily an environment that is relaxed, casual, sometimes serious but most of the time fun…who gets to prank their boss and still live to see another day! Here at Core Group we have learnt how to live out our brand!


We are looking for employees that are unique individuals whose varied talents and experiences bring value to the way they connect people. Join a diverse team of passionate individuals as diversity and inclusion are part of our top priorities.